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in their own words

a catalogue and exhibition

devised by jd.clark


 . . . . . . [ erasure ] . . . . . . . . .   think;   think about, think a problem over; to think of, remember something;.2 to think something.  to think, suppose, imagine, expect (that);  to be thinking of doing; to hope to do, expect to do. 3  a (literary) thought

    . . . . . . and again  [R]epetition . .  . [R]  the interior repetition, the echo, the tremolo within itself :  Cycles and equalities are contrasted with reflections, doubles and echoes. Expectancy encourages habit: to act is never to repeat: fatigue is a real component of contemplation.

Artificial signs imply active synthesis - the passage from spontaneous imagination to reflective representation, memory and intelligence.

[R]epetition is a condition of action before it is a concept of [R] eflection.