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S a t i e  -  H e i d d e g e r  - Trois morceaux en forme de poire . .




In La Folie du Jour , the narrator is at one embodied and disembodied. The voice is trying to determine what life may be involved with it: but for the moment there is only a sense of distance and light. Light itself is the madness of the day,


drawing on Borromini


Gilles Deleuze in his book 'the fold - Leibniz and the Baroque' sees the notion of the fold as both a structural and . . . . . .

   Diderot's Salon of 1767


 . . . . . . . . . It was in 1737 that the Salon became a regular event.

letter on the blind


notes on Diderotís Letter on the Blind   :      for the Use of those who can see